Filipe DeAndrade

Brazilian born, Cleveland raised, filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade has a passion for wildlife and freely admits he is addicted to adventure.

Brazilian-born, Cleveland-raised, filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade has a passion for wildlife and freely admits he is addicted to adventure. 

Filipe graduated from the University of Florida and started a production house with his friends called Comfort Theory. His love for wildlife is only equaled by his passion to tell their stories, and for a time when he was not in the field, he was living in Florida out of a film production truck converted from a retired ambulance. 

Hailed as “America’s answer to Steve Irwin,” DeAndrade has channeled his outsized passion for wildlife into a career as an award-winning filmmaker.  In 2015 Filipe won National Geographic’s Wild to Inspire short film competition at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Since then, DeAndrade has gotten up close with sharks, humpback whales, jaguars and dozens of other critters for “Untamed with Filipe Andrade,” his renowned Nat Geo Wild digital series. He is also a 20-time New York Emmy Award Winner as producer and photographer. 

DeAndrade has chosen Costa Rica as his home base and starred in the 2019 documentary “The River and the Wall.” The critically acclaimed film follows five friends as they journey from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico to explore the potential ecological impacts of building a border wall along the Rio Grande.

DeAndrade said, “If there’s one way I can make my mark in this world, it’s by encouraging viewers to get out in nature. People need to have those experiences themselves to care about wildlife and to take action. When you fall in love with something, you fight to protect it.”

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