Chris Fallows

Chris Fallows is a world renowned wildlife photographer and authority on Great white sharks.

South African-born Chris Fallows’ work represents authenticity, intimacy and emotion. He has loved wildlife since his first breath. His passion for wildlife and the natural world is reflected in his photographs and the unique manner in which he treats each species and brings it to the foreground.

The engaging manner in which he photographs his wild subjects bears testimony to the decades he has spent in some of the world’s most remote regions, uniquely working in all areas: ocean, land and air. He seeks to bring the audience to the subjects at eye level, and in that way create the feeling of being with the subject rather than dominating it. His composition style is clean and unobstructed with landscapes that empower the subjects rather than overwhelming them.

Fallows wishes to touch the audience of his work in a way that emotionally connects them to the subject matter, with awe and respect to perhaps guilt and sadness. Most of all, he would like to unearth in his viewers a primal desire to get in touch with the natural world that is our shared origin. Through that most basic urge, he feels we can create a collaborative path toward sharing the planet rather than conquering it.

Fallows’ work has appeared in more than 60 international documentaries with the BBC, NationalGeographic and Discovery Channel.

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