Our Mission

Use art to create awareness and support the environment by donating back to charitable causes.

Untamed Photographer Behind the Scenes

About Untamed Photographer

Untamed Photographer is an online art gallery that brings together wildlife photography and stories from a range of international environmental artists, both emerging and established.

Structured as an online marketplace, Untamed Photographer offers a selection of handpicked, limited-edition works of art, alongside the photographers’ compelling stories of what occurred in the wild to get the shot. Our exclusive limited-edition pieces are printed in Miami and come with an artist-signed certificate of authenticity from their respective worldwide locations. Profits go to environmental causes.

Untamed Photographer Behind the Scenes

Our Story

Our family loves to travel, relishing the more remote and adventurous destinations, and this has given us a deep appreciation of this incredible planet.

Thanks to Mark Wilkins, the “CEO” of our environmentally conscious crew, Nature Trust of the Americas (NTOTA.org), was founded and we started our mission to give back.

While we were building awareness for NTOTA’s causes, we had the pleasure of meeting talented nature photographers who are passionate not only about photography, but also about saving the planet. Their life’s work and stories are inspiring.  We feel compelled that their art, passion and stories need to be shared on a platform that benefits the environmental causes they are dedicated to.

With a background in fine arts and a love of the natural environment, Amy Peters (née Wilkins) is a natural fit for working collaboratively with artists. Mark’s background running an international company makes him a good fit for all things not art related. The daring duo of Mark and Amy, father and daughter dynamos, are excited for you to experience their new project:

  • Each limited-edition print is made to order for you, with the behind the scenes story, and an artist-signed certificate of authenticity.

  • Profits benefit the artists and environmental causes.

  • Untamed Photographer are wildlife warriors, pouring their hearts and souls into their work.

We are inspired and hope you will be, too. 

Untamed Photographer Behind the Scenes

Our Causes

Just as our photographers preserve the beauty of the planet in their art, Untamed Photographer is dedicated to preserving the planet for the future. That's why we donate profits to causes that protect the environment, ecosystems, and wildlife. Here are some of the charities we support and believe in.

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